Rastafarianism incorporates the smoking of weed – Joe Wise

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Wusu (Joewise) has mentioned that all individuals withdraw religion from the advancing improvement at the Achimota School since it doesn’t help the example of the Rastafarian understudies with the dreadlocks who have been drawn nearer to manage their hair before they are recognized into the school.

Talking comparable to the issues on the floor of Parliament, the official for Bekwai said Rastafarianism includes smoking of weed.

This is a substance that is unlawful in the nation subsequently, the conversation on this matter ought not focus on the Rastafarianism as a religion, he said.

“I likewise get stressed over the endeavor to rope in Rastafarianism as a religion. On the off chance that we do, we entangle the issue for the youngster.

“The explanation is this. In the event that you study Rastafarianism it includes the smoking of weed and weed is an unlawful substance, it’s anything but a substance that is allowed to smoke.

“In reality, in the event that you review in this house one of the people that have been brought before this house for scorn of parliament was one individual professing to be Rastafarian who went on air and said that Members of Parliament smoked weed, he was brought to this house, he was put before the advantages advisory group and he was seen as liable of hatred of parliament, he was brought here and made to apologize and advised to proceed to sin no more.

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One thought on “Rastafarianism incorporates the smoking of weed – Joe Wise

  1. No,it is prohibited as the statement was talking about that no dreadlocks man or Rastafarian should be admitted to even the entrance of any school because Rastafarianism includes smoke of weed

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