I went to jail in view of NDC – Atubiga talks after his suspension

Stephen Atubiga has communicated dissatisfaction at his suspension from the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He said he languished over the gathering and even went to prison because of his gathering centered exercises subsequently his disappointment over the turn of events.

“As a man 28 years of being with the gathering, on favorable terms never carried out any wrongdoing against the gathering, I host gone to jail for this get-together no one at any point called to ask me, my sibling, how goes it with you, that you went to jail in light of a legitimate concern for the gathering. Nor was I compensated or given any work for me going to bat for the gathering,” he revealed to Johnnie Hughes on the Mid Day news on 3FM Wednesday, March 24.

Stephen Atubiga, by a letter endorsed by General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has been suspended with quick impact.

By the letter dated Tuesday, March 23, his matter has additionally been alluded to the gathering’s Disciplinary Committee for additional activity. It goes ahead the impact points of the ejection of previous Central Region Chairman Bernard Allotey Jacobs

Mr Atubiga, who went to the spotlight because of his conviction by the Supreme Court during the 2013 political race appeal, is said to have vented criticizing and unwarranted remarks about a portion of the gathering’s key senior individuals including previous flagbearer applicant Professor Joshua Alabi.

Describing what may have represented his suspension, he revealed to Johnnie Hughes “Alabi’s issues wasn’t essential for the plan of my greeting It was after we have completed then shockingly the public director Ofosu Amofo pulled that amazed on me that partner Alabi called harshly to whine that you said something regarding him that he is disturbed.

“What’s more, I said administrator this could be examined by the secondary passage. In any case, no difficult I will figure out time actually and meet explanation and ask him what I said that he is unsettled then I will apologize. On the off chance that I realized that it would have been true on the letter I would have asked that it be examined lengthily or I would have said they should offer me the chance to clarify. That didn’t occur I wasn’t allowed a chance to clarify my story nor wasn’t told the specific words I said. I took it that that issue would have been an honorable man’s arrangement.

“So when the gathering served me a letter that it was one of the issues of my statement of regret, I was truly baffled. I said since I would send an appeal to the gathering about specific individuals holding office during the lections through whose activities and inactions made us to lose, I should add it to likewise request of the gathering saying I have not been dealt with genuinely advising me to apologize.

“Alabi isn’t NDC Alabi isn’t greater than me in the gathering Alabi is definitely not a unique part [more] than me Atubiga in the gathering Alabi doesn’t hold any extraordinary characteristics more than me Alabi has not been a long [serving part of] 28 more than me.

“No place in the constitution does the gathering say that the gathering can meddle in individuals’ private matters just with regards to the interest of the gathering. I reserve each option to condemn Alabi usefully for being the mission supervisor of the gathering for not doing what he should do and bombing us for the EC to fix the decisions for our adversary. It is my privilege as a gathering part to it condemn Alabi not him by and by his office to scrutinize it individual, the gathering initiative

“I’m standing firm that the gathering’s position on Alabi, it is specific, it is illegal, and my principal rights as an individual from the gathering is being taken from me, my ability to speak freely of my gathering which represents honor and responsibility is likewise being torn from me and that is the place where I have an issue.

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