Governmental issues around Rasta goes beyond schools– Lydia Forson

Grant winning entertainer and social dissident Lydia Forson has swam in the progressing uproar in regards to two Rasafarain understudies who were denied entrance into the Achimota School.

In her view, the governmental issues encompassing the hair adventure is past the guidelines in the school yet an impression of more profound concern.

Hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone and his better half who are previous understudies of Achimota have cut binds with the school over the episode.

“The governmental issues encompassing our hair is a lot further than we’re willing to acknowledge. This is past the guidelines in schools; since it rises above into the working environments, spots of love, and even homes. We continually battling separation dependent on hair.”

In the mean time, political researcher Dr Richard Amoako Baah says the Rastafarian understudies ought to conform to the order of Achimota school and cut their dreadlocks on the off chance that they need instruction in the school.

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