Telegram channels are getting more and more popular. The benefits of them are obvious: based on popular messenger, users can easily combine personal communication and all useful and fun content in one place, high engagement rate and growing popularity of Telegram. Today the most popular Telegram channels have more than 3 million subscribers… But how to grow your channel to this large scale? 

1. Add members – friends and friends of your friends

You can add 200 first Telegram Channel members for free from your own contacts. Once the limit of 200 is reached, this possibility is automatically off. But you can still share your channel in private messages with your contacts and ask your friends to spread your link to their friends. Some good networking can boost 200-300 members in your channel within a few days. 

Pros: absolutely free members, easiest way to add first Telegram members, great for a start.

Cons: a limited number of members, not possible to grow a big channel, not targeted subscribers (your friends are there just to support your new beginning and with time they will probably leave it).

2. Promotion on Social media 

Use Social media for your Telegram channel promotion: share links on Quora, Facebook Pages, Instagram, or jump on trending TikTok. Use your own communities, create new ones or ask small influencers to help you.

Cons: takes a lot of time and effort to spread your links, high competition, no guarantees to get any members.

3. Participate in chat groups 

It’ easy to find chat groups on Telegram related to your channel’s topic, that’s why there is a chance being an active participant and sharing your channel link can gain new followers for you. Apart from groups from your niche, there are special groups for Telegram promotion, where everyone exchanges their links.

Cons: least effective method: probably you will be banned and get a bad reputation for spamming, low chances to get even a few members.

4. Cross-promotion

Once the Channel reaches more than 5000 members, there are chances that other channels (of the same size) will agree to do a cross-promotion. Two channels promote each other and basically exchange followers between each other. The best scenario is to cross-promote channels from close niches (best deals for fashion + best deals for electronics; soccer betting tips + basketball betting tips, etc). 

Cons: no guarantees to get members, not suitable for small and new channels, hard to find good channels for cross-promo.

5. Telegram Channel catalogs

Another way to get members for your channel or group is to be posted in catalogs. There are more than 50 catalog websites you can get into. One of the most famous and biggest is Tgstat.

Pros: free, people can outreach your channel through Google search.

Cons: a small percentage of people use catalogs, not suitable for fast and big growth, high competition between similar channels.

6. Targeted advertising

Another option of paid promotion is to use Facebook ads. The huge variety of settings may allow you to target your audience with 100% accuracy. 

Pros: genuine and targeted members.

Cons: can be really costly, big chance to fail, you need to understand how Facebook Ads work or to hire a specialist (and trust us, it’s no an easy thing to learn).

7. Buy bots

Going from 0 to 40,000 members in one day? It’s easy if you add fake Telegram members. Bots are not real follower or even people, they are users generated by special software. Basically, there is no use from these members (they won’t view your posts, won’t buy your products), but they increase the actual number of your followers. In return, it can attract real users to join (new subscribers better join big channels, not small ones). But there is one huge problem: Telegram deletes these members. If you have 40,000 followers today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow you will still have them.

Pros: cheap, fast growth, a great choice if you look just for a big number.

Cons: inactive and useless users, all of them will be deleted at any time

Conclusion: these are the main methods to increase followers in Telegram channels and group. But before jumping into action, you have to think about your channel and what value do you bring to people. Even good Telegram promotion tools won’t help, if you provide inconsistent and low-quality content. So, what are the key factors to the success? Branding (name, description, logo), high-quality, unique and useful content, consistent publications (without spamming, keep it simple, don’t post more than 10 times a day). 

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