Should Rastafarian be allowed in our Schools?

Rastafarian is an act or a practice of keeping hair untrimmed or shaved. Some even from childhood. Mostly practiced by men who claim to be their line of worship and an act of faith.

The 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana clearly states all citizens have freedom to any association or group of worship. Irrespective of the religion or faith they choose to allign with. The needed respect to this right ought to be accorded. In as much the constitution gives this level, rights and freedom have their limitations when where necessary applicable.

The school is a community of students being thought to conform and change society. Not in a wholesale charisma but guided by rules and regulations. The hallmark of every academic institution is their protocols and code of ethics. Although these code of conducts may vary from one school to the other, Nevertheless such freedom can’t over ride it.

Was Achimota Right?

Not long ago Achimota Secondary school refused to admit two Rastafarians placed there even upon directives from the Ghana Education Service. This was one that caught national attention. Wether Rastafarianism is a religion or not, that remains an arguement for another time.

We all have the right to choose what we want to wear but ends up wearing uniforms prescribed by the school . Students may choose their books to read in all they are suppose to learn according to laid sylables and timetables of the school. My question is what makes hairstyles a big deal? Most students may want to carry along different shapes of hair but is never allowed. i think giving special treatment or exemption to these Rastafarians will motivate other to act contrary to school rules.

The move that Achimota made was backed by NAGRAT and later GES. Another mind buggling school of thought will be how they admit foreign Students with Rasta and braids. Rather force our own to trim down. Some section of nitizens have frowned and accused Achimota of racism and rejecting their own. Others some claim it is as a result of mental slavery.

what are your thoughts on this. was Achimota right?

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