Before proceeding further, a clarification may be helpful: Scientific achievement is not at issue here.

Every informed person is aware of the amazing accomplishments of scientists in many fields. Scientific study has dramatically increased our knowledge of the universe and of the earth and of living things.Studies of the human body have opened up improved ways of treating illness and injuries. Rapid advance in electronics have ushered in the computer age.which is altering our lives. Science have performed astounding feats, even sending men to the Moon and back. It is only right to respect the skills that have added so greatly to our knowledge of the world around us, from minutely small things to infinitely large ones.

It may also be useful to clarifydefinitions at this point: Evolution as used in this book, refers to organic evolution the theory that the first living organism develop from nonliving matter.then as it reproduced, it is said to have change into different kinds of living things, producing ultimately all forms of live that have ever existed on Earth, including humans. And all of this is believed to have been accomplish without intelligent direction or super natural intervention. Creation on the other hand, is the conclusion that the appearing of living things can only be explained by the existence of an Almighty God who designed and made the universe and all the basic kinds of life upon the earth.

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