Look what SHS Boy Was Cought Doing While Class Is In Section

Parents send their children to school with the aim to go and study hard so that they can live a successful life, in this case they always think that their children are always in safe hands in the school and learning for them, in other to achieve their aim.

But here is the case children don’t see it like that when they get to the school, they end up making friends and some also end up making friend with the bad once.

They later find themselves engaging in bad things such as stealing, smoking, chasing of girls and other kinds of bad habits that you may think of which is very bad, the end results of this life style bring disgrace to the student not only him but to the school and his mother as well.

Now see what a boy was caught doing while class is in section

A boy was caught watching ponographic material on his phone while lesson is going on infact this is the most shocking story that got many people talking, according to the boy he said he came to the school because of that and that is the reason why he was watching it in class.

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