Kasoa Sakawa Mallam Who Removed Ring Finally Drops Secrets About The Ring

A young man stood out as truly newsworthy a week ago when he wore a companion’s ‘juju’ ring, and almost lost his finger wherein the mallam behind the ring has at last spoken.

The story was moving in light of the fact that the Mallam encouraged to the little fellow to forfeit another conceived child before he can get the ring out of his finger, a couple of days after the ring was eliminated, a baby was discovered dead and covered in the sand.

A many individuals locally accused the interest minister and the young man for the death of the small kid. Some young people of Kasoa chose to storm the place of the fixation cleric and get some information about the dead kid.

The fixation minister who is distinguished as Sheik JB has at long last spoken about the issue and the things he requested that the kid give prior to eliminating the ring just as some stunning privileged insights behind the ring. He had this meeting with Kofi Adomah of Angel Fm.

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