‘I test the V!brators sometimes before selling them out’-Shugatiti discloses

Shugatiti is a Ghanaian actress and a vixen. She is also a model and an influencer on social media. She is one of the few Ghanaian models who are interested in serving their fans with hot pictures and videos almost every time.

In an interview with Zion Felix, she stated emphatically that she lives on the money she gains from advertising products on her social media pages. ‘I can charge 1K for a post’- she stated. This means she’s really making money.

Shugatiti is mostly seen advertising sex products such as dildos and vibrators on social media. According to the model, she sometimes tests these vibrators before selling them out to her clients. ‘I really like sex but I don’t do it every time, I use a v!brator instead’-she revealed.

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