God’s rage will visit Achimota school for denying students with dreadlocks admission – Ras Kuuku

Musician, Ras Kuuku has undermined the administration of Achimota School with curses for denying two understudies with dreadlocks induction into the school.

The Rastafarian understudies were advised to proceed to trim down their hair prior to being permitted the chance to concentrate in the school; a mandate which has since created a public discussion.

While the Old Students of the Achimota School and the PTA is backing their headmistress for giving that order, the Ghana Education Service (GES) which at first upheld the understudies have removed their help.

Remarking on the issue on Angel Midday News, Ras Kuuku said he is stunned the specialists at Achimota School will do something like this.

He contended that dreadlocks were not outsider to the African Tradition and henceforth it would be reasonable for the administration of Achimota School to concede the understudies confirmation.

As far as he might be concerned, this is the ‘most elevated type of separation in Ghana now’ which will pull in God’s anger on the Achimota School.

“This is the most elevated type of separation lately and I am stunned it is occurring. God’s anger will visit Achimota School on the off chance that they neglect to permit the understudies into the school… ,” he said.

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