TALES OF SEX AND FUCKERY: Sex Communication With Your Partner.

The hours turn into days. The days into weeks. Weeks into months, and probably years yet, the sex is still the same. The first few weeks had been exhilarating and then it had started to get boring and more boring and at a point, the mere thought of it is just excruciating. 

You feel it, she feels it but none of you is willing to bring it up and at the same time you both are wondering why the other doesn’t know what to do. Really? Does the hair on his or her head look like a wizards hat or godly halo?


Communication before, during, after and way after sex is one aspect of the sexual process most of y’all ignore. if you, yes you, are neither a wizard nor a witch, how then can you know what he or she wants when you don’t speak out about it.

Communication in the sex life can be verbal and it can be nonverbal. The understanding of the nature of ones relationship is key to knowing what form of communication suits you both. Is he the shy type when it comes to sex? Is she the cautious one when it’s sexually related? If so what mode of communication will help enhance your sex life? How do you understand her or him without it seeming burdensome or bothersome?

Do you communicate with your partner on sexual matters? If not, how do you improve your sex life then? Pornography? Sex articles? YouTube videos?

Each individual, especially the females is unique when it comes to sexual pleasure. What works on Abena may not work with Mawuena and what works with Ameley probably won’t work on Akuvi. The same way what works when Ameley is with Kofi may not work when she is with Kudzo. 

These little distinctions come about because the sexual chemistry between every two individuals is different. 

So if you’re not a magician or a mind reader, how do you understand the sexual needs of your partner without communication??

Couples that talk about sex have better sex.

Till the next piece, it’s Peace! 

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