Man supposedly kills girlfriend and attempts suicide

Inhabitants of Ho in the Volta Region are in stun as they woke up to another homicide including two sweethearts on Tuesday morning.

Jay Dordorye allegedly killed 25-year-old Harriet Kafui Ahiati and later endeavored to end his own life by hanging twice.

The 26-year-old additionally cut his throat and wounded himself in the stomach twice yet didn’t pass on.

Mr Dordorye is as of now being treated at the Volta Regional Hospital after he was captured by the Ho Municipal Police order.

The occurrence occurred at around 10 pm on Monday night however those around became acquainted with about it around 12 PM.

An observer told that they heard the speculate calling his mom to go to his guide since “something awful has happened to him where he was.”

“At that point we heard an uproarious commotion of a shout of the kid [Dordorye] saying ‘I’m in a tough situation o’. So we as a whole hurried over to see he had murdered the sweetheart.”

As per the observer there the speculates digestion tracts was spouting out of his stomach in a bombed endeavor to end his life.

He said they went in the space to discover blood all over and the wrecked roof fan just as a feature of the roof wood from Mr Dordorye’s bombed endeavor to hang himself.

As per the expired’s mom, she got a call from somebody asking where she was.

“I reacted that I was away and when I returned home I saw my little girl in a pool of blood. I was unable to do anything other than cry while the police comforted me and went removed the body,”.

She uncovered that the suspect is her girl’s sweetheart and they began dating when they were in Junior High School.

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