Tweenager – Part 3

I blinked my eyes rapidly as if that motion would instantly unclog my ears, which might have been the reason I misheard. That wasn’t the case. Karen had seriously pinned this drama on me. To be honest – I wasn’t surprised, with Karen being herself; if you know what I mean. But as I said before, I was in no mood for her antics.
I could feel the anger rising from the pit of my stomach and forming a lump at the base of my throat, impeding my speech. “Excuse me?!” I snarled, staring daggers into her chest. She ignored me and continued her accusations in a low, innocent voice and puppy dog eyes directed at Mr. Chapeau. “It was Nessa, sir. We all heard her. She completely lost her marbles when she saw that grade on her sheet, even though that was the best grade. I mean, we all had Fs – except for her, and she still dared to complain.” she finished, feigning shock.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Karen seriously pinned this on me. It was my turn to have steam escaping through my ears. Karen had stopped talking and, along with everyone, had her attention towards Mr. Chapeau, so I figured our principal must have been speaking. At that point, however, I couldn’t care less. My eyes were for Karen and Karen only. I felt pure rage boiling within me. All I wanted was to smack that smirk she had plastered on her stupid face. I was so angry everything around me was a blur. My brain became foggy, all my thoughts dissipated, except one – KILL KAREN, and that’s what I did.
At precisely 12:43 pm in the principal’s office on Monday, September 22, 2015, my fist connected with Karen’s perfectly shaped nose – trust me, that’s the exact time because I’m one of those weird kids that wear the watch on their right hand. I felt the bone give way before I was pulled back by some of the boys in my class. Karen fell on her butt due to the impact and was whimpering as blood spilled all over the white shirt we wore as uniform. As you may know by now, Karen is one of those popular kids that run a clique; so she had a plethora of girls swooning over her as soon as she hit the floor.
Damn! That felt good – well except, for the throbbing pain I started to feel around my knuckles – but that was the small price I had to pay for this sweet sensation of revenge. The boys still had their hands on me, which was unnecessary – I was done punching people, at least for the rest of the day. I shrugged them off, straightened my uniform, and took a look around the room; I wish I hadn’t. I was face to face with 30 pairs of eyes – make that 29, Karen was too busy crying her eyes out – which stared at me with fear and horror-stricken faces.
Then the gravity of the situation hit me: I HAD BROKEN THE NOSE OF A CLASSMATE! It was the nose of a stupid, annoying and rude classmate who had it coming, but it still wasn’t right. I was doomed. Not only were my parents going to be disappointed – you know; the reason I was in the principal’s office in the first place, but they were also going to murder me for the lawsuit coming their way. I looked at sprawled Karen and felt a pang of guilt in my chest. I started to apologize but was cut off by Mr. Chapeau screaming, “VANESSA SUMMERS, EXPULSION!”.

4 thoughts on “Tweenager – Part 3

  1. As always.
    Go Vanessa! Go Vanessa!
    I would be cheering for Vanessa If I were there.
    Can’t wait for the next.

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