You’re pounding her in one of them heated sessions.. hmm..you flip her over and go at it doggy style as you watch that ass bounce and jiggle at you.. damn. A scene from one of those porn movies pops up in your head and a nasty idea starts to form. Oh boy! That’s one naughty act you know. You could ask her..no you have to ask her. You don’t want the altercation that will come if you don’t bro.
Back to the action..you slip it out and wonder how it’ll feel in the other hole. No no no no! What a homo act that is! You reprimand yourself for even thinking it. But what if it’s not so homo or gay??

Of course, we should really understand what homosexuality is in the first place. It is a total attraction to a person of the same sex as yourself. That means that the opposite sex doesn’t attract you in the least. If the opposite sex interests you as much as the same sex, then you’re probably bisexual.
Ask yourself this, can you picture yourself making out with a fellow guy? “Eeew!” If that’s your response then my guy you’re probably just sexually adventurous. You’re not gay.

Being gay is a whole other thing on its own. An affinity for anal sex with a girl doesn’t make you gay. In fact it could be a whole new vibe for your relationship. But that’s also a piece for another time.
Till then, Peace!

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