TSAF: Making Bitter Kola ( michingoro) Sweeter.

Uhuh, the bitter kola. Man I’ll be honest with you, I hated the taste of that nut the moment I first tasted it. Why the hell should I eat that? Who in their right minds eats that? But we all know the why and The Who already charley. 

I knew what I wanted and for at least once in a week, I went through the stress, through the bitterness(literally), and the excruciating need to vomit the moment I swallowed it. I just had to go online and find out what to do about the situation. I don’t need to suffer this level of bitterness just screw for long bro, and I did find something!

Bitter kola + garlic + ginger + honey 

Five pieces of michingoro, five of garlic and one full ginger. Grate these and add about a litre of water and allow the flavor to deep into the water. 

Shake am den add small honey to sweeten the thing because none of the things you mixed are sweet bro. 

As for the dosage di3 I no be doctor but a cup twice a day be cool waa.

Finish this and I’ll wait for your testimony. 

Till the next piece, Peace.

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