Thinking Of How To Make A One Ingredient Ice Cream? Then, Check This Recipe

The banana ice cream is one delicious dessert that you must add to your repertoire.

Bananas are healthy and nutritious and there is no doubt about that.They are also high in fiber but low in calories. Most bananas have a low to medium glycemic index( how quickly foods containing carbohydrates affect your blood sugar level when eaten by themselves) and should not cause big spikes in blood sugar levels compared to other high carbohydrates foods.

If you are trying to lose weight, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating bananas. You can eat bananas as your lunch and it will fill you up. Some people eat with peanut or groundnut but if you don’t like peanuts or groundnuts, no need to worry, you can eat it raw.

Just spicing it up, we can actually turn just banana into a creamy ice cream that be eaten as a dessert or snack. You will never run out of snacks for your children at home after reading this article.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to prepare the banana ice cream.


1. 3 large riped bananas ( chopped into pieces and frozen).

2. Peanut or groundnut butter (optional)


1. Pulse/blend the frozen banana pieces in a small food processor or powerful blender.

2. Pulse/blend to break up. Keep pulsing/blending until the banana will look crumbly.

3. Switch to blending this time round. Keep blending the banana until it looks gooey.

4. Keep blending until the banana will look like oatmeal.

5. As the last bits of banana smooth out, you’ll see the mixture shift from blended banana to creamy soft serve ice cream texture.

6. Blend for a few more seconds to aerate the ice cream. At this point, you can add any mix ins(peanut/groundnut butter) of your choice but I prefer only the banana.

7. Transfer creamy textured ice cream from the blender to an airtight container and freeze until solid.

8. Your delicious banana ice cream is ready! Enjoy!Thanks for reading.

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