Common Foods That Make You Full For a Long Time

Whites and Blacks eating Palava Sauce and Plantaines.

Common Foods That Make You Full For a Long Time:

Unarguably, one of the reasons for eating food is for hunger satisfaction. In as much as satisfying their hunger, one would want the food to stay on him for a long time. Interestingly, not only do such foods stay on us for a long, they also possess invaluable nutritional value.

Moreover, common foods that make you full for a long time have so many economic and health benefits. Such economic and health benefits include:

  1. Saves money for future use

2. provides constant supply of energy for energy- demanding activities

3. Saves food that help to prevent famine and hunger

4. Provide other important nutrients for proper body functioning

West-African Holiday dish riceballs with groundnut soup cooked and served at home

Common Foods That Make You Full For a Long Time

To illustrate, we breakdown common foods that make you full for a long time. Such filling foods include:

  1. Beans meal ( eg. Gari and Beans)

Don’t go there! All you need is water. Beans meals are highly loaded with fibre which slows the movement through the gut. This slow movement makes you feel full. It also help to absorb all the nutrients needed to be absorbed from the food. Not only are beans with fibre but rich in protein as well.

For example, Gari and beans is a balanced diet. It contains energy giving, body building and protective foods.

Red-red consists of a broth of boiled cowpea beans served with palm oil and soft, fried plantains, topped with fresh avocado.

2. Brown rice

Most of the time, white rice is consumed by majority of the people in our society. However, brown rice is considered healthier. This is so because brown rice is a whole grain. Which contains fibrous bran, carb-rich endosperm.

Due to the high content of fibre present in the food, it slows the movement through the gut. This in turn makes you feel full.

Quinoa with Brown Rice in a Cast Iron Pan.

3. Oat Meal

Breakfast is very important and one of the foods to consider for your breakfast meal is oat. Oat meals are also loaded with great deal of fibre which delays it’s movement through the gut as well.

4. Millet Meal

As a great source of carbohydrate, Millet is rich in fiber as well. More importantly, it contains several minerals especially magnesium. All these nutrients are very essential for the proper functioning of the body.

5. Plantain

Plantain is highly endowed with carbohydrate. Also, is a rich source of fibre and other important minerals. A well boiled boiled plantain is delicious. Also, makes you full because of the rich fibre content.

Mr. Arhin’s Plantains lying on the ground at an outdoor market in Dunkwa on Offin, Ghana

Other filling foods include :

6. Fruits and vegetables.

Eg. Orange ( eat all the cellulose and not only the juice), pineapple, mango etc.

7. Oily foods

Eg. fried chicken, red meat, salmon.

To sum it up, every individual usually wants the food they consume to stay on them for a long period of time. Common foods that make you full also provide other nutritional values.

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