Tweenager – Part 2

I must have had the look of death on my face because before I got my script, there was silence; now, however, there was complete disarray as my classmates realized even the top student had failed miserably. With Miss Hyperbole out of the classroom, for whatever reason, chaos erupted. Everyone had something to say. Everyone had an explanation and, everyone wanted a chance to share their opinions concerning this on-going crisis. My classmates chatted away. Suggestions on how our current demise came about; quickly turned into a defamation session of our teacher’s credibility. Some resorted to using colloquial words in the local language for “emphasis” on how incompetent Miss Hyperbole was.
I couldn’t join in and, I didn’t care either. Soon the loud voices behind me faded into an indistinct chatter as series of horrifying futuristic thoughts of angry and disappointed parents flooded my mind. With a spiked heartbeat and rapid short breaths, I stood and headed toward the washroom. I was hyperventilating, and a room filled with irritated kids wasn’t helping.
I spent the next 20 minutes splashing water on my face, calming my racing heart, and vaporizing any self-disparaging thoughts that dared to rear its head. “There has to be something wrong with the marking scheme,” I said to my reflection, “that script was worse than my first attempt at differentiation.”. I checked my watch and realized it was almost lunchtime; “Some food would do me good.” I sighed. I decided to try and get on with my day forgetting about that “bloody” script for now. I met my classmates on the staircase leading towards the classroom; I figured they were moving to the cafeteria. I quickened my pace to grab my lunch from my seat with enough time to spare for the actual lunch. I came up short when Karen, the sassy, big-mouthed, and one of the rudest girls to ever exist, blocked my path.
“Where do you think you’re going?!” she said in high pitched voice. “To the classroom,” I replied dismissively; I was in no mood for the likes of her. “Everyone, Nerdy Nessa feels she can disobey a direct order from the principal,” she taunted, ” Miss High and Mighty.”. Everyone scowled at me. “I had no idea!” I retorted. “Then you should have asked,” she smirked. She flipped her luscious, long maroon-colored hair, which always seemed to fall over her shoulders with not so much as a strand out of place, and pushed past me with a shoulder bump which caused me to stumble. I steadied myself against the rails, rolled my eyes, and turned on my heel to follow the now dispersing crowd.
A walk down the hallway with two left turns brought us all into the principal’s office, which for the principal was quite spacious but filled with 30 students was a can for sardines. Before us was Miss Hyperbole and Mr. Chapeau, fidgeting with his white hat that matched his boots, looking quite far from pleased. I could tell, after all, Miss Hyperbole’s face was red as the ripest tomato with anger, and Mr. Chapeau had his brows furrowed in frustration. We stood there in pensive silence, wondering what all this was about; we were the most notorious class in the whole school, I might add, but the honor of being summoned to the principal’s office so early was mind-boggling.
Mr. Chapeau cleared his throat instinctively to draw attention. “Which of you decided that deriding Miss Hyperbole was the best way to deal with your failure in the exam?” he queried. There was silence as the truth dawned on us. We were neck-deep in sh*t, that’s for sure, and on the first day too. Damn, what else could go wrong today? All eyes shot up at the sound of Mr. Chapeau’s fist banging on the large oak desk. His eyes lit up with fury, and I can swear steam was escaping with a whistle through both ears.
“I asked whose idea it was,” he bellowed. “It was Nessa!” Karen blurted out at a drop of a hat – I did it again, I’m getting good at puns, but wait, Karen mentioned my name, right? “It was Nessa, Mr. Chapeau,” she repeated.

2 thoughts on “Tweenager – Part 2

  1. wow
    happy to see new characters
    keep it up
    honestly it becomes real to me whenever i read them
    the descriptions on point as always

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