The Mighty “michingoro” huh, lol. For those ladies who have taken notice, have you ever wondered why your partners have such a fixation on something called “bitter” kola??

Isn’t it ridiculous? I mean who likes bitterness? Your male counterparts, obviously! But why? 

Bitter kola has long been highly valued when it comes to effectiveness in matters of sex. Be it stamina or increased libido, sometimes even with male enhancement( for this I don’t know of it’s validity). 

The chemistry of it is still a bit lost on me but, it’s effectiveness, many have and probably forever will testify. 

A dose of bitter kola a day, even for three days will show you significant increase in your drive and endurance during sex. 

Hey relax…before you get overexcited, don’t forget what we’re talking about here. The name is “BITTER KOLA”…and it’s lives up to its name charley. As to why it’s so bitter, I have no clue but I’m sure it’s nature’s way of balancing one of the many equations of life. I mean no pleasure is attained without a bit of pain, right? So to attain that pleasure, you’ll have to bear the bitterness of the fruit. 

Obviously, there is something we can go about that problem but, that’s a piece for the next write up. So until then, Peace.

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