No Nut November

It’s 31st October and I could hardly sleep

I kept thinking of the task or should I say the dare ahead of me?

The second hand of my wristwatch kept sprinting at a very face pace

The minute hand was just a step behind it and the hour hand is trying to overtake them.

I mean time was running more than expected

When it was 11:59pm, I wished I could reverse the time and change my decision but it was too late.

I could hear “pipipipi, pipipipi”

Was it my alarm or my heartbeat?

Yeah, it’s definitely my alarm

November is here already

And it dawned on me like a sacred shrine escape

I could hardly believe I’m in for this but there was no turning back too

My phone beeped

I picked it up and realized it was a text message from “Bae” wishing me a happy new month and informing me about her visit tonight

I stared at the text with mouth and eyes opened for almost 5 minutes

Ahh well…”ay3ka”

I can’t stop “bae” from coming over and it’s also just the first day of the challenge

What would I do now?

What should I tell her?

Should I lie to her?

What lie would I tell her?

I thought and thought but I couldn’t find any concrete answers to my questions

I was indoors all day, lost in my own thoughts

I couldn’t even hear my own phone ringing for the first time

But the second time I picked up my phone

Guess who was calling?

“BAE❤️” boldly saved

Was she calling to tell me she is on her way or what?

I couldn’t help but to just pick up the call

For the 2 minutes convo, my voice sounded sad but my inner man was secretly rejoicing

Lemme feed you with the bad good news!

“Hello boo, mummy ain’t feeling too well so I can’t make it.

I’m really sorry and promise to make it up to you”

First day passed

Thanks to the 2 weeks tedious rehearsal for our annual youth week celebration, which I decided to partake in for the first time in the history of the church.

The week celebration itself took another 1 week

Which meant 3 weeks gone

The final week, however, was hell unleashed on me

I easily got erections at the mere site of my wallpaper of “Bae” and I

A prolonged one of course with severe abdominal pains

I’m was on the verge of masturbating

But I held myself back

I won’t lose this battle after coming this far

I turned on my TV set and the first thing was a soft-core romantic scene

I quickly rushed to my drawer to get Vaseline but I realized I dropped my Bible

Ohhh!!! Not this time, so long Vaseline and tissues.

It was a hard choice but I guess it was worth it

I read a couple of verses and I dozed off with the Bible on my chest

A few days passed and finally it was 30th November

Ever seen a snail trying to do slow motion before?

Yeah, that’s how slow the time was moving

Every hour seemed like a day

“Ding-dong”, the doorbell chimed!

 “Bae” is at the door

I quickly let her in

We had dinner which she brought

Some ice-cream made our dessert while watching a movie

Finally, it was  bedtime

“Bae” took a shower after which I did

Seeing her in her underwear and my “Real Madrid” jersey too sent an impulse down my spine

Blood rushed from the upper head to the lower department

I became schizophrenic

Or was I hypnotized?

Ah well, I could hardly reply her goodnight

She asked “it’s everything okay”

I replied “yeah baby, you look beautiful and I love you”

She then jumped in to join me in bed

She placed her head on my chest and started playing with my nipples

Those sensations made me lose focus

I could hardly think so I had to hold my breath

Do you know what saved me from tearing those clothes off and enjoying her inner whorls?

Her day!

That day happened to be a market day

She had run multiple  errands for her mum so she slept off within a twinkle of an eye

I couldn’t sleep

I checked the time intermittently

I started doing a countdown when it was 11:59pm

YES!!!! I screamed so loud that she woke up

But guess what?

I made it look like a nightmare


Off to Detty December

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