Killer Shape – Moesha And Hajia Bintu have been Challenged by a US Based Ghanaian Model With Killer Shape

Every generation and its craving and trends. In this generation, knowledge and intellect has been replaced with body curving and slaying.

A woman is no more hailed for her ability to proved thoughtful ideas and solutions but for her physical appearance. Having a big behind and hour glass shape will guarantee massive following although you provide no meaningful content.

With the above pressure, ladies are forced to purchase additional butt to what God gave them. I can mention a tall list of celebrities accused of going under the knife to have an enviable shape but you know them so lets jump to the fun of the day.

A US-based Ghanaian model, Brittney Anderson, has thrown a challenge to our chief slay queen, Moesha Boduong and her successor Hajia Bintu on who have the biggest behind.

While has been on the low because she has proved beyond doubt that she’s the queen when it comes to curves and behind, , has been very loud over the week.

She takes the smallest chance to show her followers what she carries behind her either in photos or recordings. Snap to watch some.

Social media users are praising a new cat, Bryttne Xoxo after she released some hot photos in a hugging costume that complement all her features.

They claim the African barbie has more curves than Haija Bintu and the queen Moesha combined but check the photos below and judge if it is true.

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