COVID 19: Why medical attendants who administered vaccine to Nana Addo, others didn’t wear gloves

Ghana President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Monday, March 1, 2021, turned into the main individual in the nation to take the much-anticipated Covid antibody that showed up at some point a week ago.

The President’s punch which was broadcast on public TV was to in addition to other things done to relieve fears of a segment of general society in regards with the impacts of the antibody. It was additionally to exhibit the certainty the president had in the adequacy of the AstraZeneca antibody in the battle against the Covid pandemic.

While Nana Addo and the First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo have been recognized for straightforwardly taking his immunization poke, concerns have been raised regarding why the attendants who managed the poke on the president and his significant other were not wearing careful gloves, with some contending that it is hazardous.

Yet, it has arisen per GhanaWeb watches that the choice by the attendants not to wear gloves while giving the pokes is standard practice.

As indicated by the Washington state division of wellbeing, gloves are not prescribed to be worn while regulating the Covid-19 inoculation, except if the individual overseeing the immunization has open wounds on their hands or is probably going to come into contact with a patient’s body liquids.

“Gloves are not suggested for most inoculation organization and are not needed for the Covid-19 antibody except if the individual regulating the immunization is probably going to come into contact with conceivably irresistible body liquids or has open injuries on their hands,” it said.

“Whenever utilized inappropriately, gloves can improve the probability of spreading germs.”

The General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization set out by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says something very similar:

“Word related Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines don’t expect gloves to be worn while managing inoculations except if people regulating immunizations have open injuries on their hands or are probably going to come into contact with a patients body liquids”.

Ghana procured 600,000 dosages of the AstraZeneca immunization from India on Wednesday, February 24, turning into the main African nation to do as such.

The turn out of the immunization will be directed in (43) locale, which are the focal points of the pandemic in the country. They are (25) in Greater Accra, sixteen (16) in Ashanti, and two (2) in the Central Region.

Assigned people to take the antibody will start the activity on Tuesday, March 2.

The turn out of the antibody is required to break the transmission of the infection which has seen a flood in Ghana throughout the most recent few weeks.


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