You can’t choke us – Franklin Cudjoe tells Judges, Judicial Service

Leader of Think Tank IMANI Africa Franklin Cudjoe has told the Judges in the country that they can’t choke the general population from censuring their decisions and work in the courtroom. 

As indicated by him, so particularly far as Lawyers go for allure and surveys on decisions made on issues, there is the requirement for the general population to get down on Judges when their decisions are viewed as unjustifiable. 

As far as he might be concerned, what the Judges need to do about abominable remarks about them isn’t to choke basic voices of their work yet rather center around hauling people who make unconfirmed cases about their work. 

He demonstrated that this will bring mental stability however making an effort not to choke individuals who make useful scrutinize of their work. 

Franklin Cudjoe said: “Legal counselor Thaddeus Sory is an extraordinary mind. He is legal advisor for Judges, who through him have given a harsh admonition to all media houses not to distribute contemptible, scornful and combustible remarks against Judges who are simply tackling their job. To be honest, a few pieces of that letter to media houses were deigning. Notwithstanding, we have taken the exercise, yet will they likewise quit tuning in to every individual who expounds on them? They should simply locate a couple of rebels who truly make statements they can’t demonstrate in court and rebuff them, at that point all others will stop. I have utilized that recipe as of late and it works. ????????. Nonetheless, they can’t reveal to us that we can’t say there has been uncalled for decisions ever-else what might be the requirement for advances and audits? Because of Anas Aremeyaw Anas we heard a few Judges love goats as well. We as a whole love goat pepper soup.”

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