TALES OF SEX AND FUCKERY: How to Last longer.

You kiss her on the lips…down to her neck…up to her earlobes..mmmhmm..back down to her neck, jawbone…down to the collarbone…all the while undressing her to reach the ever hardening nipples of those glorious boobs…yeah yeah yeah, we know all that, don’t we? Good…but then it’s time to get real sticky and you start to psyche yourself to last till she cums first…oh dear!! What to do? Hm

Ah well…let’s take it slightly apart( this convo will never end so that’s the best we can do charley)

Lasting longer is believed by some to be more psychological than physical, and some too, more physical than psychological. I’ll base my thoughts today on the physical side of it. 

Primarily, reducing the sensation on the shaft and head of the penis should do the work, right? 

 How do we achieve this?? The first thing that comes to mind is the condom. Yes, that’s what I said. Condom. 

The condom has a lot of uses but that is what we’re interested in today. The science of it, we’ll go into it later.

Next is doing your thing before she comes. I mean beating your meat,masturbating, fapping or whatever you may wish to call it. The science of this too will be dealt with later, just like the other ones,lol.

Yo ma guy, you hear of bitter kola right? I mean “michingoro.” Ah well, that is a chemical story for the next write up as we delve deeper into the various ways of lasting longer. 

Till then, Peace.

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