PHOTOS: Meet the oldest man alive on earth today, a man of an unbelievable age, born in the 18s…

Meet grandpa by name Mark Anthony Toboya, the oldest man alive today on earth.

According to the ZEE news “all ages we have ever come across, had never exceeded 160” .

But a man alive and of age age 200 is still alive has been discovered in the eastern part of the world.

Meet Mark Anthony Toboya

What a blessing of ages this man have had.

Recent research has shown that this man is now in his death bed.

200 years of age is not something to play with,this man is really blessed.

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Meet grandpa Zuckerberg Laverne and Mark Anthony on a photo grid.

Meet grandpa Silicasta Bober

What a blessing of age, so many people have been blessed.

Do these things if you want to also live long

Obey your parents to the fullest and you may live long too

Try to loose fat every day

Obey the Lord God in all your ways and you may also be Granted a long life to live

May those who comment and share be blessed to live long.

Thank you

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