CSSPS 2020: Steps to buying placement checker & check the SHS you are placed-Simplified

The Computer Selection and School Placement System (CSSPS) for the 2020/2021 academic year had been released to enable all qualified Basic Education Examination Certificate (BECE) candidates to access second cycle (Senior High Schools and Technical /Vocational) Institutions in Ghana. The 2020 edition of the placement has been released and all prospective candidates are to follow procedures in this post to get theirs done.  

However, candidates who missed out on the placement to SHS on the CSSPS platform due to circumstance have the opportunity to do self-placement after verifying that you were not placed in any of your choices of SHSs. CLICK HERE TO DO THE SELF-PLACEMENT


  1. Dial mobile money short code (*170#)
  2. Select Momo pay & pay bill
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Select General payment
  5. Answer the prompts as indicated
  6. Payment Code: monicliq
  7. Amount: 7GHC
  8. Reference: SHS 


  1. Log on to cssps.gov.gh
  2. Enter your 10-digit BECE index number. Add the last two digits of the year of examination (e.g., XXXXXXXXXX20 for 2020)
  3.  Enter the card serial number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the scratch card.
  4. Click on the submit button and wait for the results window to pop up
  5. Proceed to print your placement notice OR click on the print button to save it in a pdf format. CLICK HERE FOR SELF-PLACEMENT

Credit: educationgh.com

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