8 African Countries With The Most Beautiful And Curvy Women

Africa countries have more beautiful women compared to women in the western world. African women beauty is natural and classic and they are also referred to as fashion icon. We always hear about the most beautiful women in Africa but which country has the most curvy women in Africa. This is what you will find out today in this article. You will find out the African countries with the most curvy women. This is our list of the countries with the curviest women in Africa. As a matter of fact most West African women are curvy and have by one way or another dominated the list.

So we bring to you the top 8 Countries in Africa with the most curvy women.

  1. Ivory Coast

Women in Ivory Coast formed less than half the country’s population in 2003. Their social roles and opportunities have changed since the time of French colonialism. Ivory Coast women are extremely beautiful and curvy.

  1. Liberia

Women of Liberia are extremely beautiful. In 2003 during the second Liberian Civil War, Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace forced a meeting with President Charles Taylor and extracted a promise from him to attend peace talks in Ghana to negotiate with the rebels.

  1. Uganda

Women in Uganda are extremely beautiful and curvy. Similarly to the majority of countries around the world, the traditional gender roles of women in Uganda are often considered subordinate to those of men.

  1. Ghana

Ghana Women are beautiful and curvy. The status of Women in Ghana and their roles in Ghanaian society has changed over the past few decades. There has been a slow increase in the political participation of Ghanaian women throughout history. Women are given equal rights under the Constitution of Ghana, yet disparities in education, employment, and health for women remain prevalent.

  1. South Africa

South African women are extremely beautiful and curvy. In general, all racial and ethnic groups in South Africa have long-standing beliefs concerning gender roles, and most are based on the premise that women in South Africa are less important, or less deserving of power, than men. Some African traditional social organizations are male focused and male dominated.

  1. Tanzania

Tanzania women are beautiful and curvy. Women and men in Tanzania have equality for the law. The government signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women in 1985. School girls are reinstated back to school after delivery.

  1. Nigeria

Nigerian women are beautiful and curvy. Women’s social job in Nigeria varies according to strict and geographic factors. Women’s job is primarily understood as mothers, sisters, daughters and spouses. Additionally, women’s roles are in accordance with ethnic contrasts and strict background, with women in Northern Nigeria being more prone to be detached in the home, than women in Southern Nigeria, who participate more in open life.

  1. Kenya

Women in Kenya are beautiful and curvy. The history of the evolution of the traits of women in Kenya can be isolated into Women within Swahili culture, Women in British Kenya, and Kenyan Women post-Independence. The condition and status of the female population in Kenya has faced many changes over the past century.

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