TALES OF SEX AND FUCKERY: Satisfaction 102

How, right?? We’ll delve into that in a while, but for now let’s tackle a not so obvious thought/ perception:

“But I thought guys ‘exploding’ in girls during intercourse is satisfaction for you?”

This was the thought from a reader as she went through the article. How many ladies have this perception, i wonder?
To a man, true satisfaction stems from a sense of accomplishment. Be it in fields of business, academia or the arts of intimacy, true satisfaction comes when there is the feeling of actual achievement. What then is the achievement during sex? For this, we’ll have to query every guy on their individual opinions but, we can also make a conjecture or two since we’re guys too.

What is the motive behind the act/art? Yeah, yeah, sex doesn’t need a motive to occur, bla bla…wait, doesn’t it?? I guess my question here is :

Are you making love to her or you’re fucking her? If you’re making love to her, it’s with your souls. So the motive or end goal is quite simple, isn’t it? Holding back your “explosion” till hers arrives.

Meet me in the next write up and let’s delve into how to hold back your load till the deed is done.
Till then, Peace.

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