Plants & Pots Floriculture

One may ask ,’’ what’s plant and pots floriculture ?’’ It’s a business unit set up to provide people with floriculture products and services to the people and county at large . 

The business is mainly located at Jacobu Amansie Central in Ashanti Region.

The CEO of plants 🌱and pot floriculture is Mr. Shizue A Sarpong.

One can email  the CEO on or 0560260784



One can reach them on their social media handles 

Plants and Pots Floriculture business is accessible throughout the country 

You can follow them on 

Facebook @Plants & Pots Floriculture

Instagram @Plants and Pots Floriculture

Twitter: @kniiSas

I’ll urge you to go for Plants and Pots Floriculture for all your Floriculture products. They are the best . Call them for any Floriculture products

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