EMF’s and it’s associated diseases

EMF’s are referred to as Electro Magnetic Forces.They are produced from natural sources such as the sunlight and lightening, and man-made sources such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, electrical wiring and microwaves.
They exist in a spectrum, from extremely low frequency (3 Hz to 300 Hz) all the way up to gamma rays, which have a frequency greater than 10’22 Hz.

EMFs are typically classified into two major groups: ionizing and nonionizing radiation.Ionizing means that that particular EMF has enough energy to disrupt the structure of an atom by knocking off one or more of its tightly bound electrons, transforming that previously neutral atom into an ion with a positive charge.
The major types of ionizing radiation are: neutrons from radioactive elements like uranium, alpha particles, beta particles, X-rays, and gamma rays. Since alpha and beta particles can be stopped by physical barriers,such as a sheet of paper or an aluminum plate, they are not typically of much concern. But neutrons from radioactive elements and X- and gamma rays are far more penetrating, and exposure to them can cause serious biological damage.
Nonionizing radiation does not have enough energy to create ions, and thus it has been generally regarded as safe and biologically “harmless”a for decades But we are now learning that there are other mechanisms by which nonionizing radiation can cause damage to living cells.nonionizing radiation is produced by electronics such as cell phones and other wireless devices including smart appliances.

Research has firmly established that EMFs contribute to many diseases and below are some of the diseases that are associated with coming into contact with ionizing radiation from EMF’s.

Tinnitus occurs when cells inside your inner ear, or cochlea, are damaged. These malfunctioning cells end up sending signals to your brain even in the absence of audible sound,your brain translates these signals into what has been described as ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking,chirping, screeching, static, roaring, pulsing, whooshing, and/or whistling sounds.The pitch can be either high or low and may change intermittently. The volume may also be high or low, depending on surroundings and other factors. Oftentimes the sound is most noticeable at night, which is why tinnitus is frequently associated with sleep disturbances and depression.Many people with this problem report that it negatively impacts their quality of life.


One of the most common symptoms reported by people who are experiencing a new EMF exposure is insomnia. Extremely low frequency EMFs (such as those emitted by power plants and electric wiring) and radio-frequency EMFs such as those emitted by cell phones have been shown to impair sleep.One reason why this may be so is that EMFs excite the cortical region of the brain, which makes it harder to relax into sleep. Another likely reason is that EMFs reduce melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone primarily produced in your pineal gland, which is essential for establishing a healthy circadian rhythm.When your melatonin levels are disrupted, you tend to experience a decrease in duration of deep sleep, which is essential for your body to function properly. Sadly, sleep is a seriously overlooked strategy to optimize your health

5.CANCER(Brain cancer, breast cancer)

One of the probable links between EMFs and cancer is the increase in oxidative stress; that contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction that is a major cause of DNA damage and cancer. There are a few types of cancer that currently have a stronger scientific connection to EMFs than others.


7.HEART DISEASES including Cardiac arrhythmias and Blood pressure.
Your heart has one of the highest densities of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) and as a result is highly sensitive to EMFs, especially the pacemaker cells of your heart.
Other reported symptoms include:Panic attacks,Dizziness,Ear pain,Paralysis,Seizures,Irritability, even hostility and Feeling a vibration in the body.

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