Bad news for those planning not to take the vaccine against the corona virus

As many people say, the Corona virus has arrived as no cure has been found to date. Vaccines to combat the virus, however, have been developed and those who take the vaccine may be immune to the virus. The first batch of vaccines was obtained by Ghana and President Nana Akuffo Addo promised to be the first Ghanaian to receive the vaccine.

Some groups of Africans and of course Ghanaians, however, have vowed not to obtain the vaccine. It is, according to them, an evil effort by the West to attain a hidden target. Some say it’s a vaccine that would make Africans infertile, and others say they want to use Africans as rats for laboratory use. And they will not take the vaccine because of that.

But if you have a plan not to take the vaccine, there’s a twist, then this is for you. For you, there’s a bit of bad news. Certificates will be given to those taking the vaccines, according to sources. Therefore, no vaccination certificate for Covid-19, no visa, no travel abroad.

Ok, it seems like certain people will be cornered in a way. Should you have taken this vaccine? For more thrilling updates and attractive tales, visit me.

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