What My Wife Did To Me.

My wife is getting out of hand. I saw a picture of her on Facebook and I was shocked. I told her to remove it and it nearly got into a fight Yet she didn’t remove it. That’s not even the problem. A mate of mine told me to help him. I wasn’t all that free with him when we were in school. But he managed to call me. The agreement was, he has met a lady in Accra here so he wants me to check her out before meeting her. So, I told him to send me the lady’s number and pictures to call after work. When I came home, I went to check his message and it was my wife’s number and pictures. I was shocked. But I kept quiet to see if it was true. I created another account with a different name and chatted with her. She told me, she is not married. I proposed and she accepted. The way my heart was beating I stopped. She saved to get an expensive phone. Always taking pictures even when cooking. We always fight because of her cooking. I can’t tell my mate she is my wife because I’m ashamed.

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