Listening and speaking trial questions

Speaking and Listening

Quiz 1
1.List the components of Chastain’s definition of speaking.

2. Speaking is an active process that ends in a store of information. True/False?

3. List the six categories of speaking attributed to Brown (2004).

4. Transactional and interpersonal can both be classified under ……………

5. What would you say is the end product of language learning?

6. Satisfying the varied purposes of speaking implies ……………..

7. Speaking is important because it can help learners to develop their ……… and …………… 

8. List three benefits of speaking in the language classroom.

9. State the four elements that must be taught explicitly before embarking on the formal instruction of oral language.

10. List any three of the components of oral language development.

11. Mention any three things you may consider in choosing materials for teaching speaking.

12. In teaching pronunciation, what will be an appropriate starter for such a lesson?

13. Give an example of a tongue twister?

14. How are words supposed to be presented in teaching vocabulary?  

15. Mention any one thing you can do to create a language learning environment in the classroom.

16. Reading stories to children and encouraging them to retell the story is one way of achieving effective listening skills. True/False?

17. Explicitly modeling effective speaking in a formal and informal manner is a means to achieve …………………..

18. State any one problem that could be encountered when using speaking strategies.

19. List any three text genres that teachers can use to teach and extend vocabulary.

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