Ghanaians should regard the rights of homosexuals – Most Reverend Philip Naameh

The President of the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference, Most Reverend Philip Naameh has begged Ghanaians to make it a propensity for regarding the rights and decisions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Life (LGBTQI+) individuals in the general public as they are people that similarly need security like every other person.

Talking in a restrictive meeting on Kumasi-based Abusua FM with senior media professional, Kojo Marfo, Bishop Naameh clarified that albeit the Catholic Bishop Conference disapproves of the sexual direction decisions of LGBTQI+ people in Ghana, that anyway shouldn’t be the premise that people occupied with such exercises ought to be denied fundamental rights like convenience and open positions.

“Lesbians and gays are people so we need to regard them. We need to accord them those rights that all people appreciate. They ought not be denied work since they are gay people… They ought not be denied accommodation…” he said.

When asked by the host, Kojo Marfo further to explain his situation since a previous report from his office mentioned of President Akufo-Addo to straightforwardly censure the exercises of LGBTQI in Ghana, Bishop Naameh expressed that “The reason for denying them work ought not be on the grounds that they are gay people. Somebody may have a direction to be gay and another a direction to be a lesbian however in the event that he’s not showcasing this direction, most importantly, he is an individual and has the privilege to convenience, to work and to fellowship with others and those are rights we should regard.

“We simply don’t say that since he has gay inclinations, though all individuals reserve an option to something, he ought to be denied it.”

The Ghana Catholic Bishop’s Conference (GCBC) prior in a press explanation requested of the public authority to close down the as of late authorized office of LGBTQI in the country.

They gave the delivery after the European Union (EU) in Ghana took part in the launch of office space for LGBTQI+ Rights Ghana and called for equity, resilience, and regard for the gathering.

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