Benefit Yourselves Of COVID-19 Vaccination-NCCE Urges Ghanaians

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has urged Ghanaians to benefit themselves of the COVID-19 inoculation when the public authority at last procures them to benefit the general population.

It has additionally exhorted the public not to avoid the antibody, saying it is intended to manage the infection.

“The schooling on the immunization is important in light of the fact that the fear inspired notion is as of now in front of us,” the Deputy Chairperson responsible for Operations of the NCCE, Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah, told the Daily Graphic.

“The phony news individuals are now in front of us. The antibodies are not around, but rather they are telling individuals that if the immunizations come they ought not take them on the grounds that there are antagonistic impacts.

Counterfeit news

“I have even met wellbeing laborers who say they won’t take it since they have tuned in to a portion of these phony news individuals on the Internet. Thus, this is the reason we are requesting that individuals go for the immunization since they are for their own wellbeing,” Mr Akuamoah added.

He said the authority of the commission would be simply the first to benefit of the immunization whenever allowed the chance to do as such.

“I’m set up to be the primary individual to take it,” he underscored.

He said the more individuals got inoculated, the more the nation would have the option to contain the infection.

“In the event that we can inoculate numerous individuals, we fabricate that insusceptibility against the illness. It’s another sort of message we are adding to the road schooling on COVID-19,” he said.


Mr Akuamoah said the NCCE was utilizing road schooling and numerous different procedures to arrive at Ghanaians the nation over to clarify the personalities of people in general on any type of falsehood about the COVID-19 antibody and immunization measure.

The road instruction, mounted by the commission since the early piece of this current month, includes NCCE staff going onto the roads to teach individuals on the need to wear their face veils consistently and stick to the next COVID-19 security decorum.

He clarified that on the grounds that the infection was spread through liquids, it was fundamental that the schooling on containing its spread was normal and supported so that individuals didn’t let down their gatekeeper.

“We are adding the antibody measurement to the training,” he said.

Times of heavy traffic

Mr Akuamoah noticed that the road instruction was finished during the times of heavy traffic the nation over, particularly in the significant urban communities, including Accra and Kumasi.

He said individuals who frequently utilized public transportaion didn’t wear the face covers in spite of the fact that they spent extended periods in rush hour gridlock, focusing on that “so we accept the open door to meet them in rush hour gridlock and instruct and urge them to notice the conventions”.

“Thus, as we show the boards, we additionally get our officials to converse with individuals in rush hour gridlock to guarantee that they make the best choice and notice the conventions,” he said.

The commission’s staff, he said, went to the roads, markets, spots of love and association, including houses of worship and mosques, and utilized the utilization of vans in networks and web-based media stages to arrive at different targets.


Mr Akuamoah said it had been seen that albeit a decent piece of the public had the face covers, they seemed not persuaded concerning why they expected to put them on, so “we have taken the choice to help them to remember wearing them”.

“You would see individuals strolling around without covers, yet when you asked where their veils were, they hauled them out of their packs,” he said.

He, in this manner, approached the Inspector General of Police to venture up the requirement of the wearing of face covers in the country taking into account its glaring dismissal, particularly on business vehicles.

He said despite the fact that coordinations were an issue, the commission didn’t need to plunk down until it got every one of them (coordinations) prior to instructing Ghanaians, and that it was utilizing what it presently had.

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