2021: Year Of Roads Construction In UCC

The First Semester of the 2021/2022 academic year has been a very different semester so far as it is characterized by numerous road construction projects ongoing in and around the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

Many students residing in communities with bad roads have been lamenting bitterly and ceaselessly for so long a time over the bad nature of the roads and how difficult movement on these roads is, particularly during the rainy season.

Many are students who, throughout their stay in UCC, had complained about the nature of some bad roads on campus and dreamt to see the construction of these roads before completing their programs but unfortunately graduated without ever seeing their dream materialized.

One of these bad roads that have generated lots of complaints from students, student leaders, and councils such as the Students’ Parliamentary Council, is the road leading to the Sandwich Lecture Theatre (SWLT), popularly known as “Shatta Wale.”

Presently, the “Shatta Wale” road, which many students have advocated intensely for its construction, is swiftly under construction although the exercise commenced some time ago. Many students regard this as one of the laudable steps taken by the management of the university so far in 2021.

The construction of the SWLT road, if the contractor does not relax probably due to financial issues or whatever, per FaroukMedia’s observation, will be completed soon before the semester ends.

Residents of “Apewosika,” a community in UCC, have also expressed massive joy a few days ago upon seeing their used-to-be bad road well-constructed and tarred.

Meanwhile, the dusty rough road connecting Science Roundabout to the Amamoma’s Chief’s palace is also under construction geared towards solving the numerous problems associated with this bad road.

The year 2021, despite the effects of the intricacies the pandemic has caused on students, is undeniably a blessed year, having seen the significant improvements taking place in and around the University of Competitive Choice.

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