The Side Effect You Should Expect After Taking The Covid-19 Vaccine – Dr. Sebastien Eugene Arthur (Details)

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A virologist, Dr. Sebastien Eugene Arthur has outlined some side effect that one might experience after taking the coivid-19 vaccines.

 According to him, He saw the need to tell Ghanaians the side effects after taking the vaccine since he has already taken two shots of the Pfizer vaccine and also since Ghana is to receive some vaccines this week.

He revealed the side effects he experienced after taking the vaccine to Berla Mundi on tv3’s NewDay program today via zoom, when he was commenting on the covid-19 vaccines that will be delivered to Ghana this week.

According to him, one thing people should expect is to have some pains in the area of injection, given that, that is inevitable. and it is because of the body’s reaction to the chemicals so it is normal.

He revealed that, for the first shot, he couldn’t lift his hand for some few seconds and it’s not bad, its endurable.

He also said that, you can experience some headache and sometimes you can’t walk for some few seconds and you can get tired easily.

He further stated that, the maximum time for you to experience the side effect should be 48 hours and you should be fine totally as if you’ve not taken any vaccination.

But He also stated that, the side effects should last for 72 hours after which if you are still experiencing some discomfort, you can visit the hospital. But there has not been any case like that, going beyond three days.

He concluded by stating that, the side effects are as a result of your immune system acclimatizing to the vaccine. Therefore, the stronger your immune system, the more side effect you will have.

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