No place in heaven for gays, lesbians – Baba Jamal

Baba Jamal, the previous Member of Parliament for Akwatia Constituency has complimented the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister-chosen one Sara Adwoa Safo for her firm position on same-sex relations.

Baba Jamal said on Okay FM on Friday that Adwoa Safo demonstrated zero capacity to bear the gayism and lesbianism in the country and merit approvals.

Handling the discussion from the strict point of view, Baba Jamal expressed that God is absolutely against homosexuality.

As per him, the Quran is brief and vehement on its situation on the exercises of gay people.

He expressed that the training isn’t invited in the sky as God has clarified that on the Day of Reckoning, no thought will be given to such individuals.

In the shrewdness of Baba Jamal, homosexuality is an abhorrent soul and should not be invited in the country.

As far as he might be concerned, it makes no sense that men find sexual joy in individual people do same.

“Adwoa Safo clarified that the laws of the nation are against homosexuality and I truly like that. In the Islamic religion, God clarified that on day of atonement he will not gander at you. When you arrive, directly to hellfire. God will give no contemplations.”

“It’s an awful soul. It isn’t ordinary. The villain has a few different ways he works and homosexuality is one of them. Indeed, even creatures are not gay people, the amount more people. It is an awful soul working in them,” he said.

Adwoa Safo during her reviewing expressed that homosexuality is not welcome in the country and will keep on excess so under her supervision.

“The issue of LGBTQI is an issue that when referenced makes some discussion yet what I need to say is that our laws are sure about such practices. It makes it criminal.

“On the issue of its culpability, it is non-debatable on the issue of social acknowledgment and standards as well. These practices are additionally disapproved of,” she pushed.

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