Information To SHS 1 Students


This information goes to all Pre-SHS students. You have waited long for your Bece placement. It’s of good importance to know this information before school reopens.

To begin with , a school is an institution where we acquire knowledge, skills , make friends and a lot . School can reform an individual. Will it reform you positively or negatively? Be determined as you enter your SHS. 

To mindful with friends. As a fresher, you should be careful on the kinds of friends you choose . Bad company corrupts good morals . Choose a friend that will help you in terms of academic.

As I said earlier on, let your SHS tranform you positively but not in a crazy manner. Engage yourselves in all activities done by the school . 

Thanks for reading this article.Share if useful to you . Take all that I’ve said serious and it would help you . You can follow me on Twitter and IG @ mannie_opoku

God bless you 

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