How Afia Schwarzenegger responded to ‘rival’ Mona Gucci’s case of being a US-trained lawyer

Mona Gucci’s case that she is a prepared Immigration Lawyer having gotten educational cost from Massachusetts School of Law in 2017 didn’t just land her on the knife of certain watchers of UTV’s United Showbiz where she heaved her account; it introduced Afia Schwarzenegger the chance to ridicule the TV moderator.

In a twenty-minute video shared on her Instagram page, Afia Schwarzenegger who has consistently said without quibble that Mona Gucci isn’t who she professes to be, took advantage of the chance to insult her ‘rival’, focusing on that she [Afia Schwarzenegger] has been vindicated.

While wryly trying Mona Gucci to give proof to back her case, Afia Schwarzenegger said she can strongly share her authentications to demonstrate her instructive foundation and work history.

“I went to Future Flyers Academy. Tomorrow, I’ll share my declarations via online media. I worked with Allegiance Air and I can demonstrate that to you. In any case, guess what? Ghanaians ought to show restraint; you individuals are being unjustifiable. At any rate, assume the best about the sister. At the point when she was moving on from Law School, she snapped a picture. She was additionally given a testament when she graduated so she will bring this endorsement out forcibly,” Afia Schwarzenegger said in a wicked way.

She further provoked Mona Gucci for neglecting to do a careful examination, an explanation she messed herself up.

“Did you see her disposition on set? In the wake of lying on live TV, she looked unpleasant. Also, she guarantees she’s stopped law for occasions? I’ve enjoyed a hearty chuckle,” Schwarzenegger said in the midst of wild giggling.

Mona Gucci, a socialite cum TV moderator on Saturday, February 20, 2021’s scene of United SHowbiz bragged being an attorney who had her temporary position with Abigail Williams and Co in Worcester Massachusetts in the wake of tutoring at Massachusetts School of Law in 2017.

“I did Immigration Law in America… I can’t rehearse it in Ghana,” she said, inspiring a subsequent inquiry from the host Nana Ama McBrown as respects why she deserted the law calling for showbiz in Ghana.

“I worked for some time prior to coming to Ghana. At any rate, for a few years. I worked with a firm,” she reacted.

A few watchers of the show anyway tore apart her story. They overwhelmed different web-based media pages with messages provoking Mona Gucci for what they said were lies heaved by the showbiz character.

“I figure Mona should clarify… You can see I’ve been fidgetting my telephone. I’m getting a great deal of messages that Mona isn’t a legal counselor. She needs to explain,” said artist, humorist, and political lobbyist A-Plus who was a specialist on the show.

This was after the host Nana Ama McBrown, and another specialist Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo got inquisitive over why Mona Gucci would pick showbiz over a law calling in the United States.

Mona Gucci in her endeavor to give a clarification veered off however a “devilish” A-Plus featured the should be brief so he could protect her at whatever point individuals question her case of being a legal advisor.

In her reaction, Mona demanded she is a legal counselor. As per her, her family has consistently encouraged her to class. Realizing that she was unable to pick showbiz over instruction, she was effectively doing showbiz while learning at the graduate school.

“At the point when I came into the business, that was the time you [McBrown] and Suzzy Williams all began. Be that as it may, our family doesn’t uphold the craving to be a performer; you should focus on training since we are splendid. Thus, I was doing both simultaneously…” she asserted.

Her reaction anyway couldn’t save her from the public kickback and joke as she beat web-based media patterns.

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