Battle against ‘trumu trumu’ is not of the Lord’s – Prof. Yaw Gyampo

Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for European Studies at the University of Ghana, Ransford Edward Van Gyampo says Ghana’s battle against LGBTQI is not of the Lord’s.

According to him, the “ordinary people” will themselves battle homosexuals without the involvement of God.

In a post on Facebook sighted by, Prof. Yaw Gyampo described homosexuality as “animalistic” which will not be supported by the masses.

The comments come after one Alex Dordah questioned Prof. Gyampo who is critical of issues of national interest, to transparently come out and condemn LGBTQI and their activities in the country.

“So Prof you wouldn’t speak against the lgbt? You are too noisy in your quietness why,” he questioned the UG professor under the comment section of one of his recent posts on Facebook.

In a polite response, Mr. Gyampo stated, “Hahahaha…..Ah however who will uphold pardon me to say “trumu?” Any attempt to make it fester would be crushed by ordinary people. We won’t permit God to battle this. It is just animalistic and nobody will uphold it.”

Right now, there is a nationwide conversation about people practicing homosexuality in Ghana.

The allege establishment of a LGBTQI office in the country is what triggered the conversations. While some are calling on the President to immediately hanker down on the said office and their operations, others say, much the same as each other individual, gays and lesbians are additionally entitled to the fundamental human rights of this country.

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