NDC youth desires Mahama to withdraw election petition case

The Concerned Youth of the National Democratic Congress, (NDC), is calling on the petitioner, former president John Dramani Mahama to successfully immediately redraw the election petition case at the Supreme Court.

According to an assertion issued and endorsed by Elikem Agbenyegah, head of the Group, the live transmission from the television and radio broadcasts could be used to instruct the general public on the COVID 19 pandemic.

“In any case, we have chosen to squander this precious broadcast appointment on this election petition which has no merit. This broadcast appointment could be marketed to create enough income for these television and radio broadcasts,” it said.

“It would be very prudent on our party to withdraw the case to save the sinking image of our party. When you follow the court proceedings, all the applications brought to the court by the petitioner has been dismissed which indicate that we don’t have a case.

The best option available to us now is to redraw the case and begin to organize ourselves for the 2024 presidential and parliamentary election because it is clear that there is no way we would win this case” it said.

At present, the majority of our party chieftains are of the view that the election petition case should be withdrawn.

“The administration has really bombed us in the just-finished election… presently, we can’t collate our presidential results to make it known to the public. This is very irresponsible on our part and the previous we call the petitioner to arrange the better, to save the party’s seeking image” it said.

The assertion said, “what we need to know and admit is that the party is bigger than anyone’s parochial interest and we should not be moved to satisfy their interest.

Our actions should not erode the gains the party has chalked for sometime now, what we must focus on is peace. unity and stability among us in preparation for 2024 general elections” it said.

“When you follow the trend on social media, our great opponent, which is the New Patriotic Party has settled on their flagbearer and running mate in preparation for the 2024 general elections. What is our party authority doing to reorganize the party than to burn through all the time in the Supreme Court”, it said

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