24th Nations Address

The number of cases on covid-19 is getting out of hand in Ghana, there is a continuous increase in the number of confirmed cases on corona virus. Ghana was almost free from the virus but the second wave of the pandemic is causing abnormal spread of the virus in the country. Scientists and researchers are risking their lives saving others from the deadly disease, it has become the burdens of President to update his citizens on the measures taken against the spread of the virus.

Two New Restrictions That Are Likely To Be Imposed

Closure Of Churches: Many restrictions have been imposed on social gatherings due to how the virus is widely spreading and in order to avoid the spread of the disease within the churches the president may close down the churches for some time.

Closure Of Schools: The reopening of schools by the president was a good idea but the children are in danger now, many students have tested positive for the covid-19 disease of which some are in critical health condition. In other to stop the spread of the virus, the president could consider closing schools for some time to hault the spread of the disease in our various schools.

Please do well to observe the covid-19 protocols to protect yourself and save others from contracting the virus.

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