UCC: Consider This Lecture Room When Searching For Strong WI-FI Connection

It has come to FaroukMedia’s notice that lately, there is poor internet connectivity on campus particularly in areas such as Amamoma, Ayesu, and Kwawprow using MTN, Vodafone, and other networks.

This serious issue of network, compels students who rely on the internet for their academic works to leave their hostels at night in search of network.

If you are desperately in need of a lecture room where you can have a very strong WI-FI connection to browse the internet for academic purposes, consider going to Calc 3 at the C.A Ackah Lecture Theatre.

Connectivity at Calc 3 is as fast as using BusyInternet. Try it and thank FaroukMedia later.

Calc 3

Meanwhile, FaroukMedia is looking forward to seeing management install WI-FI at SWLT to enable students residing near the facility have access to WI-FI instead of coming all the way to campus at night to access WI-FI.

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