KNUST Broken heart

Reporting from knust, a few days ago another man was down with a broken heart from his girlfriend Bridget.This sparked a jama at Conti the hall of residence where the broken hearted man lives.

We knust boys have been suffering this love pandemic over the years.last year was Nana Ama,this year Bridget. Possibly next year would unfold it’s events and we do not hope for.

I think authorities should help this case because its becoming a normalcy. Some knust boys are afraid to fall in love. Others are doing so at their own risks. Though legon girls say knust boys aren’t romantic, we deserve to also be loved . So dear knust girls, we beg,if its anything we have done wrong, forgive us. Broken heart is not a good revenge. My regards to the Broken heart boy. It shall be well.

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