How NDC spent millions camping ‘experts’ to look at EC mistakes in 2020 outcomes

Chief Director of common society association, ASEPA Mensah Thompson has uncovered that the resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) after the revelation of the 2020 Presidential Elections selected and stayed outdoors a few people at the party’s base camp so they could fish out blunders or infractions, adding that despite the fact that millions was spent on them, their report has not been unveiled.

Mr Mensah made this disclosure as a feature of his analysis of the NDC’s treatment of examination it did on the official political race results regarding its request at the Supreme Court.

He asked why after broad work on the official political decision results by a biostatistician that showed they were blunders in the outcomes. He addressed why the biostatistician was not made an observer in the appeal under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court.

“After the decisions, you gotten a biostatistician to do some investigation on the political race results for you.

He made a few disclosures which included in a viral video that got everybody scrutinizing the uprightness of the races based how fundamental his introduction was.

Quick forward half a month later, you went to Court and the out of the 5 observers you decided to submit to the Court, none incorporated the biostatistician who you contracted to deal with the political race results investigation.

Pause, I considered millions cedis was spent outdoors individuals at the party HQ to do some work on the infractions on the 2020 political race results?

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