‘Come and marry us’ – Rural women to Ghanaian men

It seems the towns and rustic settings are the last places most men from the metropolitan zones, especially the towns and urban areas, hope to discover women of their decision to wed.

Despite the fact that a portion of these young ladies are hitched to men inside the provincial settings, much more stay unmarried. They need to get hitched sometime in the not so distant future, obviously to men, not actually from their networks, however from the enormous towns and urban areas.

28-year-old Mamle Kpabitey is buckling down on her ranch in Ayimersu in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal of the Eastern Region. She’s worrying about the way that the following day, she will turn 29.

“Alarming. I’ll be one-year more established tomorrow. I’m anxious,” she said.

I inquired as to why and she reacted, “In light of the fact that I’m actually single. I have no sweetheart. I’m feeling the squeeze to get hitched however no appropriate man here”

Mamle is a certain, charming young lady who accommodates herself and her lone little girl, a 7-year-old from a past relationship.

In any case, she realizes that nowadays, single, provincial, uninformed women like her in rustic networks may not discover their fantasy men, especially from the urban communities and towns – and it stings.

Solace Kwaku is another of such women at Otrokper in the Upper Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region.

The 35-year-old single parent of three is as yet in the scanning game for a man to call her better half. Despite the fact that she yields men from different social classes approach them, a definitive objective of those men isn’t marriage.

“Men do move toward us yet the greater part of them are not genuine, some are even hitched. There are women here searching for men to wed as are there women in the urban areas additionally searching for same,” she uncovered.

As indicated by her, most men from the urban areas and towns disdain town women however a great deal of “good ones” are there. “Some dislike women from the towns however in the event that they discover one from the towns as well, it is ideal,” said the single parent.

Inquired as to why she accepted most men may not like to wed from the towns, she said “they think they are in the urban areas and towns so they don’t need any town young lady to come live with them for them to wed them.”

She added: “We are intense and persevering even while here [in the village] and we are additionally wonderful and we have great character.”

She has just one directive for men in the urban areas and towns, that they will discover quality women in the towns and networks in the country territories in the event that they at any point chose to wed from that point.

“I’ll encourage Ghanaian men to go to the towns to discover spouses on the grounds that there are acceptable women here,” she guaranteed.

Teye Monica is additionally a mother of three including a bunch of 4-year-old twins and a 7-year-old kid at Bukunor in the Yilo Krobo District. As far as she might be concerned, the rustic networks offer far superior women than those in the metropolitan zones.

“Women in the rustic regions are dedicated, they are excellent at house-keeping tasks yet the women in the towns and urban communities don’t care for difficult work so with respect to me, I accept women here are superior to those there,” she placed decidedly.

One criticism provincial people incorporating women are burdened with is the discernment that they are not edified. Regardless of one’s age or victories, they are compelled to live with this shame however long they live in the towns.

Yet, Monica has a recommendation, that men who want to wed from rustic networks ought to be prepared to show them how to carry on with illuminated lives.

“They will learn, you need to instruct them. You the man that is edified and taught should show them,” she asserted.

27-year-old Abigail Tetteh likewise lives in Bukunor. She is unmarried yet is a pleased mother of two kids.

“A portion of the men figure we don’t know life yet that is a long way from reality,” said Abigail contradicting the unbelievable impression of obliviousness of her like who have burned through for their entire lives in the rustic setting.

Like solace and Monica she is idealistic men who find provincial women to call their spouses will everlastingly live to extol their decisions.

“Women here are unassuming so they will not be a financial weight on their spouses. Allow the men to come and wed us and we’ll make generally excellent spouses. Our experiences ought not discourage them by any stretch of the imagination,” she practically offered.

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