When a woman decides to play you, nothing can save you

Four years ago I said hi to a certain lady on social media and she became my friend. I discovered her in a group. I tapped on her DP and ended up going through all her photos. “She’s a beautiful girl too,” I said to myself. So that day when I was sending her a message in her inbox, I knew what I was looking for; I was looking for friendship that would grow into something seriousβ€”like a long-term relationship. I asked where she lived and she said Sunyani. She asked where I lived and I said Accra. She said, “Goodness, all my dreams is to move to Accra and settle there for great. I’m tired of this place already. I’ve lived all my life here and is getting boring.”

I said, “Accra is a dead zone. Everybody lives here and you can come live here too. All you need to do is to pack your things and move here.” She said, “I need a reason. I need an opportunity that would take me there. That’s the reason I picked Greater Accra as my National service destination. All I’m praying for is for them to post me there.” I said something like, “When they post you here, you wouldn’t have to stress over accommodation. You can come live where I live without paying any lease.”

I wasn’t joking when I said I would give her accommodation. I lived in a five-bedroom apartment that belonged to my parents who had traveled abroad. She was extremely excited about the idea. She said, “Since my accommodation issues are sorted, I can pray harder for them to present me on Accra. Months later, the postings came. She checked and she was presented on one of the Metro Assemblies in Accra. She called me, exceptionally excited, she said, “I got it! I got it!” I knew exactly what she was talking about so I said, Congratulations. Can’t wait to see you.”

Three days later, she was in Accra to do her registration. I met her for the absolute first time at the bus stop. She was as beautiful as I saw her in the photos. I said, “You look preferred in person over in photos.” She said, “Really? Upon all the makeups and filters in my photos?” I said, “Yeah, you’re excellent looking simply the way you are right at this exact second.” She smiled and said, “You flatter me.” I took her to her middle and waited for her to experience all the registration measures. I had to lie to my superiors to take the day off to be with her. When we finally returned home, I took her to the room I prepared for her. All this while, I hadn’t proposed to her. I’d said some things and done many things that made it obvious that I would like to date her however I hadn’t said anything to her.

The day she finally came to get comfortable Accra to begin her service, I shot my shot and she said, “I was beginning to wonder if you were a catholic priest. What took you so long?” I said, “Time is what we take when it comes to issues like this. You had your mind on your service and I needed to assist you with getting it first.” With a colossal smile on her face, she said, “I’ve been waiting for this and now that it’s here, I can’t say no.” We became darlings living in the same house yet in different rooms. One late night around 11pm, she walked into my stay with only material covering her up. She said, “I’m coming for ‘salomey'”

That was the first time we rested in the same room till morning. It was already one and a half months since she accepted my proposal. We were the birds of the same feathers the idiom told you about. I told my parents about her and each time they called, they addressed her. When my parents brought things from abroad, they added hers to it; garments, makeup kits, dresses, scents, phones, shoes, bags. Simply name them. I knew I’d found the woman created from my lost ribs until things began to change.

She started coming home late citing occupied timetables at the office. One night, a Camry came to drop her home, the following night it was Jeep that brought her home. She started going to deal with Saturdays and started going to Sunyani consistently. I asked her about the cars that brought her home and she said they were acceptable samaritans who offered her a lift. She started closing her doors whenever she was inside. I had to ask permission before I could head inside. I started getting uncomfortable.

One weekend she said she was visiting her parents at Sunyani. I said, “This weekend I have nothing to do so I would go with you.” She said, “You’ll be going with me as what? My parents don’t know you yet so I can’t simply go with you like that. They are strict. They won’t tolerate the idea that I’m living with you here.” I said all I could yet this girl said no. She didn’t go with me. She proceeded to come back. The following end of the week too, she proceeded to come back. One time when she went, I didn’t see her until Monday night. One day, I contacted his junior brother on Facebook and through conversation, I intentionally asked about her sister. He said, “My sister is doing her service in Accra and she’s never been home since she left.”

When she came back home that Sunday evening, I asked where she went and she said, “Didn’t I reveal to you I was going to Sunyani?” I showed her the chat among me and her brother. That night, significant trouble become unavoidable. “If you don’t believe me why are you dating me? For what reason would it be a good idea for you to talk to my brother? If I don’t return home then where do I go? What are you trying to advise me?” I apologized to her and calmed her down. For a month, she didn’t allow me to touch her because I addressed her brother. She continued coming home with the Samaritans; Lexus, Toyota V8, Highlander, Range Rover. Different cars and different tones each day,

“So these are all acceptable samaritans?”

“You know these men. Indeed, they attempt to get my number after dropping me however I don’t give it to them. Trust me.”

I adored her too much I didn’t want to test or get her angry. Four months before the finish of her national service, I went to her room and she had packed everything from that point. She said, “I’ve saved sufficient money to lease my own place. I’m leaving.” I didn’t say a word. One of the samaritans came for her and they left with her belongings. It was hard explaining to my parents what happened. It was much harder for me to accept that a girl could be that ungrateful. A year later we caught each other at the mall. She took me to her car. Toyota Rav4. She said, “You see what God can do in a brief timeframe? You see? I’m right I left your place to search for my own bread. See growth.”

At present, she’s one of the popular slay sovereigns who call themselves influencers. She’s had the option to amass large devotees on social media, selling organic sex medications to ladies. Sometimes I see her on the investigate page, traveling to different cities and different countries. She’s doing admirably; flaunting cars, houses and gadgets and captioning them, “It’s the doing of the Lord.” She looks happy.


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