UCC: Captain Jona Throws More Lights On CASDAY

Captain Jona Writes:

The great Casely Hayford Hall, the University of Commendable Casford, the greatest empire in the world.

The home of true gentlemen on the land of UCC. Some fellows call it their heart, others too say it is their blood but the Legendary Captain Jona sees the empire as the world in which he lives.

Why are they saying all this? Casely Hayford Hall is the only hall that provides the needs and wants of fellows unconditionally.

Captain Jonathan once said,” The empire nurtures an Eaglet to become an Eagle in a day “. It will interest you to know that to be a Casfordian is a calling and indeed chosen.

Anytime a fellow is called, he is chosen as well. Where two or more are gathered in the name of Casford , there is strong positivity and activism.

Today, UCC stands out tall as a result of Casford activism and wonders. In any institution where there is a fellow, there is development.


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