See The Girl Who is Beaten to Death in School By School Prefects. Read more…

Report on Facebook tells that, a girl named as Grace is beaten to death in school by school prefects. See the girl who is beaten to death in school by school prefects. See her picture below.

Read what happened.

Grace attend Salvation Army Senior High School. She is in form two. Report tells that, today, 19 February, 2021, Grace was in school. During break time, most of the students were in a group of friends except Grace. Since she was admitted in the school, she has not like being around too many people; she’s does not like making friends. Grace saw a group of girls surrounding a boy. She walked over there to see was happening. When she went over there, all the girls over there were around the boy. She then walked away and ignored the screams of joy from the girls.

Immediately, the school bell rang and a huge group of people went straight to their classrooms. She started to run but she fell. A girl ran up to help her but then she fell too. There were screams and shouts everywhere. Grace tried to get up but it hurt way too much. She tried for about six times but she felt tired, like really really tired. She slowly fell into a deep sleep.

She felt into a deep sleep for about five minutes, but she woke up, there were some school prefects around her. They all looked very concerned till they noticed that Grace had woken up. One of them said loudly, “Get up!” When she got up, the school prefects decided to make her crawl for ten minutes. But Grace boldly told the school prefects that she can’t do that. It later turned to a quarrel between the school prefects and her.

The school prefects realized that Grace has disrespected them, so they beat her. But unfortunately, Grace fell on the ground and collapsed. When the teachers took her to a nearby hospital, she was confirmed dead. This case in the police station now.

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